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This year the Bingham Cup – the world championship of inclusive rugby – will be held in Ottawa, Canada in August. We are competing against 148 teams from 83 inclusive clubs across 20 countries in this massive four-day tournament. Of course, the fun off the field and the friendships you will make are just as important as the rugby. 

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This year we have partnered with YouLi to co-ordinate our Bingham 2020 tour. 

We came across YouLi while looking for tour management software options. After a quick trial, Geoff reached out to us via Facebook to see the YouLi could help, after a quick chat the team at YouLi agreed to come on as a sponsor.

We love that the YouLi tea, like us, is based right here in Melbourne! 

YouLi is unique as not only do they provide beautiful online itineraries and manage payments they also handle Tasks & Resources. Managing all the things that need to be done pre-trip is time consuming and frustrating. YouLi helps us manage this simply and quickly in an All-in-One solution. That is why they are more than just a booking platform.

Check out their website to learn more: