Curtain Raiser @ AAMI Park

MC White 10 - 5 MC Black
14 Jun 2019 - 17:45AAMI Park

On Friday night, we had the awesome once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play a Bingham Cup format demonstration match in heavy rain to promote inclusive rugby before the crowds gathering to watch the Rebels vs Chiefs Super Rugby match. The Rebels didn’t get the result we wanted, but at least the Chargers were victorious and had the time of our lives.

Chargers White 10 defeated Chargers Black 5 (We only had 40 minutes to run around so we didn’t waste a precious moment kicking conversions).

Match referee was Michael Smith, who did a stellar and fair job despite a fair amount of shit-talk from his former team-mates in the Chargers.

Details inclusing ticketing on the event page here 
Starting Line Ups 
Chargers White
  1. Scott Davis
  2. William Robert (Liam)
  3. Ben Simons
  4. Nic David
  5. Nick Allen
  6. Ryan Naylor ©
  7. Aaron D Baker
  8. Norman Tiumalu
  9. Peter Ryan (vc)
  10. Leon Kennedy
  11. Jack Whitehouse
  12. Dave Darko
  13. Gordon McPhee
  14. Lachlan Tong
  15. Anthony Mallon
  1. Meafou Taape
  2. Timothy Liu
  3. Alper Gürlek
  4. Brett Kappler
  5. Daniel Leach-McGill
Chargers Black
  1. Daniel Francis Raphael
  2. Matt Arthy
  3. James Daly (vc)
  4. Jake Rowan
  5. Christopher Pezet
  6. Aaron Hawton
  7. Jay Cook
  8. Druvorn Ngawati
  9. Dom Yow
  10. John Yannacoulacos
  11. Matt Moncrieff
  12. Jonathan Verran
  13. Derryn Pert
  14. Bradley Fry
  15. Hugh Cripps ©
  1. Ash Unicomb 
  2. Owen Davies
  3. Luke Coster
  4. Miguel Molano Marcano
  5. Darren Primm
  6. Philip Anderson