Round Five 2019

Ceberus 124 - 7 Chargers
18 May 2019 - 13:00Riviera Reserve, Eel Race Rd, Seaford

Chargers cant stop the doggies

The line speed a quick moves of the doggies proved to much for the Chargers defence at Souths this week.

With time running out a last minute try by Hugh Phillips and conversation by Anthony Mallon put the chargers on the board. 

Special mentions to Matt Arthy, Jake Rowan and Peter Ryan for their on-field performances this week 

Starting line up: 

James Daly
William Robert
3 William Knight
Jake Rowan
Nic David
Aaron D Baker
Matt Arthy
Carl Di Rocco
Peter Ryan
10 Dave Darko
11 Matt Moncrieff
12 Bradley Fry
13 Gordon McPhee
14 Jonathan Verran
15 Hugh Cripps