Round One 2019

Kiwi Hawthorn 45 - 12 Chargers
13 Apr 2019 - 13:00John Gardiner Reserve, Auburn Rd, Hawthorn East
Tries by Matt Moncrieff and Jonathan Verran along with conversion by Anthony Mallon making his rugby debut wasn’t enough to bring down last year’s premiers Kiwi Hawthorn in a great game of Rugby that saw Ryan Naylor take to the field for his 200th game.
Special mentions for their performance on the field this week go to Anthony Mallon, James Daly and John Yannacoulacos
Congratulations to all the new guys making their debut this week welcome to the Chargers family.
Kiwi Hawthorn B 45 def. Melbourne Chargers 12

Starting line-up:

1. James Daly
2. Matt Arthy
3. Joshua T Gosse
4. Nick Allen
5. Nic David
6. Ryan Naylor
7. James Parker
8. Norman Tiumalu
9. Dom Yow
10. John Yannacoulacos
11. Lachlan Tong
12. Anthony Mallon
13. Gordon McPhee
14. Matt Moncrieff
15. Jonathan Verran

Bradley Fry, Christopher Pezet, Jack Whitehouse, Jake Rowan, Jay Cook, William Robert, Martin Commons, Peter Ryan, Scott Davis, Sonny Tamati, Timothy Liu