Round Three 2019

Northern 70 - 0 Chargers
04 May 2019 - 13:00CH Sullivan Memorial Park, Blake St, Reservoir

Our defence and possession improved our on-field performance this week however the quick passes and speed of the @Northern Panthers helped them take the crown this week at their home pitch. 

The boys put their bodies on the line in a physical game with everyone giving 100%, as we settle into the season it was great to see players taking up new positions after putting in the hard work at training over the last week.

Special mentions to Derryn Pert, Nick Allen, and James Parker for their on-field performances this week.

Northern 70 def. Chargers 0

Check out our pics from the day here 

Starting Lineup

1. James Daly

2. Matt Arthy

3. William Robert (Liam)

4. Jake Rowan

5. Nic David

6. Ryan Naylor

7. Aaron Hawton

8. Norman Tiumalu

9. Peter Ryan

10. Hugh Cripps

11. Jack Whitehouse

12. Bradley Fry

13. Gordon McPhee

14. Matt Moncrieff

15. Anthony Mallon


16. Martin Commons

17. Daniel Syrus

18. Nick Allen

19. Christopher Pezet

20. James Parker

21. Lachlan Tong

22. Derryn Pert

23. Daniel Beck

24. Philip Anderson

25. John Yannacoulacos