Round Two 2019

Chargers 0 - 77 Eltham
27 Apr 2019 - 13:00Hendy Street Reserve, Corio   

Improved performance in the second half wasn’t enough to hold up to the tough attack from Eltham Rugby Union Football Club at our first home game hosted by the Geelong Rams Rugby Union club.

The Chargers built on last week with a marked improvement in our defensive line, but could not overcome Eltham’s strength up front and silky skills out back.

Notably, Ben Simons and Daniel Beck took to the field for the first time, with both putting in efforts we should all be proud of.

Special mentions to Anthony MallonHugh Cripps and William Robert for their on-field performances this week.

Eltham 77 def Chargers 0

Starting Line Up:

  1. James Daly
  2. Matt Arthy
  3. William Robert
  4. Nick Allen
  5. Nic David
  6. Ryan Naylor
  7. James Parker
  8. Norman Tiumalu
  9. Dom Yow
  10. Leon Kennedy
  11. Jack Whitehouse
  12. Anthony Mallon
  13. Bradley Fry
  14. Matt Moncrieff
  15. Hugh Cripps


Brett McIntosh, Christopher Pezet, Aaron Hawton, Ben Simons, Jake Rowan, Martin Commons, Carl Di Rocco John Yannacoulacos, Timothy Liu, Daniel Beck