Honour Roll

Tour Achievements 

Bingham 2012 Manchester 

Runners Up – Hogland Cup 


Bingham 2014 Sydney

Winner – Bingham Plate


Bingham 2016 Nashville

Winner – Bingham Cup

Ben Cohen StandUp Award for Sportsmanship, both on and off the pitch

Player of the tournament – Lachlan Mitchell 


On-Field Performance Awards

Best Forward

Awarded to the most consistent performing member of the forward pack.

2010: Greg Cleary

2011: Stu Frost

2012: Luke Chapman


2014: Andrew Fitisemanu (A) & Michael Smith (B)

2015: Matt Moodie (A) & Justin Weller (B)

2016: David McGillI (A) & Xavier Goldie (B)

2017: Phillip Butler (returning), Michael Franks (new)

2018: Nic Lindsey (returning) Druvorn Ngawati (new) 

2019: Liam Reoch (returning) Scott Davis (new) 

Best Back

Awarded to the most consistent performing member of the back line.

2010: Robin Vasko

2011: Robin Vasko

2012: Mark Rowland

2013: Phillip Butler

2014: Joshua Dentrinos (A) & Dave Latour (B)

2015: Jamie Skehan (A) & Carlos Fort (B)

2016: Lachlan Mitchell (A) & Meafou Taape-Brown (B)

2017: Leon Kennedy (returning), Mike Towler (new)

2018: Hugh Phillips (returning), Dom Yow (new) 

2019: Hugh Phillips (returning), Jack Whitehouse (new) 

Warwick Ramsden Award

Named for Warwick Ramsden, awarded to the most improved players for the year.

2010: Stu Frost

2011: Phillip Butler

2012: Joel Anderson

2013: Michael Smith

2014: Joshua Maloney (A) & Joshua Hellyer (B)

2015: Kean Wong (A) & Leon Kennedy (B)

2016: Andrew McKenzie (A) & Kristian Antonides (B)

2017: Xavier Goldie (returning), Matt Hirawani (new)

2018: Danny Hatters (returning), Lachlan Tong (new) 

2018: Aaron Hawton and Matthew Moncrieff (returning), Chris Pezet and Bradley Fry (new) 

B.J. Lancken Cup

Named for the founder of the Melbourne Chargers, it is awarded to the best and fairest player based on accumulated points.

2010: Greg Cleary

2011: Robin Vasko

2012: Mark Rowland

2013: Meafou Taape-Brown

2014: Arnaud Kamtcheu (A) & Diego Valverde (B)

2015: Jamie Skehan (A) & Nate Duivenvoorden (B) 

  • Commendations: Daniel Syrus (A) & Mark Rowland (B) 

2016: Iain Abbott (A) & Michael Smith (B) 

2017: Leon Kennedy (returning), Mike Towler (new)

2018: Ryan Naylor

2018: Ben Simons

Highest Points Scorer

Awarded to the scorer of the most points from tries or goals throughout the season.

2012: Derryn Pert

2013: Ryan Naylor

2014: Joshua Dentrinos (A) & Dave Latour (B) 

2015: Lachlan Mitchell (A) & Mark Rowland (B)

2016: Lachlan Mitchell (A) & Mark Rowland (B)

2017: Michael Franks

2018: John Yannacoulacos

2019: Hugh Phillips and Jono Verran

Most Consistent

Awarded to the most consistent players for the year.

2013: Ryan Naylor

2014: Meafou Taape-Brown (A) & Charles Caddy (B) 

2015: Jamie Skehan (A) & Nate Duivenvoorden (B) 

2016: Phil Butler (A) & Leon Kennedy (B)

2017: Meafou Taape-Brown (returning), Danny Hatters (new)

2018: Martin Commons (returning), Francesco Buti (new)

Off-Field Performance Awards

Best off-field Performance

Awarded to the person who represented the club in a conspicuous or particularly note-worthy way off the field

2010: Amy James

2011: Ryan Naylor

2012: Anton Brookes

2013: Meafou Taape-Brown, Ben Hirst & Phillip Butler

2014: Diego Valverde (individual) and Craig Burnett, Xavier Goldie, Eugene Guye, Ben Hirst, Leon Kennedy, Josh Maloney, Daniel Syrus and David Vakalis (In the Flesh)

2015: Donna Dark-Ho

2016: Robbie Latour & Anton Brookes

2017: Justin Young

2018: Lachlan Tong

2019: Aaron Hawton

Thorne Harbour Health Club Person of the Year

Voted by the members, awarded to a member of the club who has best embodied our spirit and values, or has made the most outstanding contribution.

2010: Robert Maher

2011: Sam Minter

2012: Neil Hay

2013: Ryan Naylor

2014: Ric Bullock

2015: Lloyd Thomas

2016: Xavier Goldie

2017: Xavier Goldie

2018: Jonathan Verran

2019: Deon Botha

Players’ Player

Voted by the players, awarded to the most inspirational and respected team player.

2010: Greg Cleary

2011: Luke Chapman

2012: Stu Frost

2013: Phil Butler

2014: Arnaud Kamtcheu

2015: Mark Rowland 

2016: Meafou Taape-Brown

2017: Leon Kennedy 

2018: Carl Di Rocco

2019: Owen Davies

Best Tiara-Smash

Awarded to the most dramatic or prominent dummy-spit for the year

2010: Ryan Naylor

2011: Robert Maher and James Daly

2012: Neil Hay and Ben Lancken

2013: Anton Brooks

2014: Andrew Fitisemanu

2015: Andrew Fitisemanu

2016: Anton Brookes

2017: Daniel Syrus


Supporter of the Year

Awarded to a supporter or volunteer who has made the most outstanding contribution to the club throughout the year.

2010: Leo Gregor

2011: Bumpa Love

2012: Len Kelley

2013: Andrew Rogers

2014: Ric Bullock

2015: Amy James 

2016: Ric Bullock

2017: Alan Walton

2018: Georgina Watt

2019: Georgina Watt

President’s Award

Selected by the President, awarded to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the Melbourne Chargers

2010: Liam Quinn

2011: Shane Scally

2012: Sean ‘Clippy’ Knight

2013: Mitch Canning

2014: Ailsa Ramsden

2015: Lachlan Mitchell

2016: Andrew Fitisemanu

2017: Matt Arthy

2018: Martin Commons 

2019: Chris Chandler