Round 2: Monash Uni v Chargers

Monash Uni 53 - 14 Melbourne Chargers
24 Apr 2021 - 15:15Nettleton Park Reserve, Glen Iris, Vic


Pouring rain? Yep, sounds like rugby weather!
The team showed a lot of hunger today, and showed some good moments to build on. Exciting to see Ash and Charlie get over the line with great kicking from Anthony.

Shout out to Callum and Josh F for their debuts today, well done! Big thank you to Ash for coming down after already playing a full match earlier.

Great to see David, Josh and Mike mix in with the Gerries earlier today.


  1. Philip Anderson
  2. Ash Unicomb
  3. Silas Palmer
  4. Nic Allen
  5. Christopher Pezet
  6. Ben Simons
  7. Derryn Pert
  8. Steve George Tonga
  9. Luther Canning
  10. Anthony Mallon
  11. Matt Moncrieff
  12. Charlie Coleman
  13. Stephen Wilton
  14. Gordon McPhee
  15. Leon Kennedy
  16. Matt Arthy
  17. tbc
  18. John Gabriel
  19. Aaron Hawton
  20. Callum Maloney
  21. Dom Yow
  22. Phil Rawson-Harris
  23. Peter Ryan
  24. Josh Forster